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Full day Balaton tour

Lake Balaton and its surroundings is one of the most beautiful part of Hungary. During this tour, We take you to four different towns by the Balaton area, such as Veszprém, Csopak, Tihany, and Balatonfüred

Sailing on Balaton

Sailing on the largest freshwater lake of Central Europe Lake Balaton. Let it be family sailing, birthday sailing or sailing with friends. Even spending one night on the board of a sailing boat. We are prepared for receiving groups with a larger number of sailboats, we can provide relaxation for 40 to 120 people of any age.

Budapest city tours

Would you like to see the sights of Budapest in more details? If the answer is YES, then our tours ar for you as We will show you those sights also which are not included in a short city tour.

Budapest night life

Meet your local guide in the lobby of your hotel then let the night amaze you in Budapest. We provide different Budapest by night tours so You have the chance to try any of the possibilities as per below:

Gödöllő and Equestrian show

The favorite country retreat of the Hungarian Queen Elisabeth, “Sisi” – and the secret of the Palace. Discover all the most important sights in small town, Gödöllő, like the Basilica and the Palace

Kecskemét and Hungarian Puszta

Let us show you the main attractions of the Puszta. That part of the country was the Wild West of Hungary where immense herds of livestock were grazed under the watchful eye of the Hungarian cowboys.

Eger the baroque city

Discover all the most important sights in the Northern part of Hungary with your local guide during a 8-10 hour countryside tour. Let us show you the main attractions around the city of Eger

Danube bend tour

Is a collective name of the towns by the Danube river in the countryside, where the river enters to the country of Hungary from Slovakia. This tour gives an excursion into Hungary’s history along the Blue Danube.

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